Optical Express

Optical Express

Largest laser eye surgery clinic in Europe.



To have constantly ​booked appointments for laser eye surgery and to educate the public about safety and the quality of laser, regarding the competition.


We have developed a strategy to reach the target market as well as the​ two-way communication with customers. The strategy includes a Facebook page and application, You Tube channel (optimized so as ​to be ​shown​on as high a ​position as ​possible on the search engines) and communication on the popular Croatian forum. On that​ forum, we made a ​sponsored profile where doctors daily answer clients’ questions within the thread​ “Laser vision correction”. It has been shown that the potential customers who are interested in the surgery mentioned spend much time reading other people’s experiences on forums and are extremely grateful when they receive personal responses from professionals, without direct promotion services.


A Facebook page that quickly gained 20,000 narrowly target fans was developed. Facebook strategy also included development of Facebook application “Quiz” as well as​ making and placing Facebook ads. Also, a market for Optical Express in Slovenia was opened and a successful Google AdWords campaign was developed. We act as contact for the media and deal PR articles placement.


Forum communication strategy has produced a large number of new patients monthly.